RGEVENT0021 // The Alibi's 2nd Birthday

RGEVENT0021 // The Alibi's 2nd Birthday

Real Gold started a weekly club night in the summer of 2007 called Cough/Cool in a neon basement in Dalston named Pier One Nitespot. The venue was great, the special guests were great… but back then nobody wanted to party in that area every Thursday night.

Around the same time we started putting on parties at The Macbeth on Hoxton Street. We promoted some of the venue’s very first events and, we’re proud to say, helped get the ball rolling at what is now one of London’s best venues. The Macbeth’s owners, Mark and Mark, became good friends to Real Gold and they (perhaps jokingly) said that one day they’d buy us a venue of our own as a thank you.

In late 2009 we were forwarded an e-mail from someone who had spotted Pier One was for sale. “Looks like it wasn’t just your night that didn’t work there,” they said. We instantly forwarded the listing to Mark and Mark, begging them to trust us that Dalston was the right location for a free entry late-night bar. They put in an offer. It got accepted. They gave us the keys. Real Gold had its own bar. The Alibi was born.

Building and furnishing started soon after, all handled by our friends. However, with money quickly running out we prematurely opened doors on 3rd March 2010. The DJ table was an old door, there was nowhere to sit, only one toilet and everyone left covered in dust… but we were open. As and when we could afford it we got ourselves some chairs, more toilets and fixed in a Void Acoustic soundsystem that has continued to play host to an array of amazing and diverse music.

And now, somehow, 2 years have passed!

On Saturday 3rd March we are having a huge party with the help of lots of our resident DJs, free booze and a later-than-usual closing time to help us celebrate!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .